Valuable information is located throughout internal and external operations. The ability to gain access and having actionable views of critical information is essential to effectively compete in many industries. Creating a centralized strategy for information and documents can lead to a significant boost in operational efficiency, monitoring, and enterprise planning.

The key goals for enterprise management are:

  • Central source of data and reports (Customers, Vendors, Products, Accounting, Financials).
  • Access to customer specifications and designs for production and shop floor areas.
  • Accurate trending and planning information.
  • Management summary reports and dashboard for high level assessment of enterprise results.
  • Manageable communications intranet for staff and management to see the latest news, events and information.
  • Organize shared documents for projects and planning.

The BWS team is ready to assist in the following areas of expertise:


  • Data Visualization and Drill-Downs
  • Enterprise Heartbeat Monitoring (AX, CRM, xRM, ESB, DB)
  • Production Planning & WIP
  • Daily Financial Trends


  • Human Resource On-Boarding Process
  • Production Document Review (Specifications & Tolerances)
  • Project documentation
  • Shared document service (Create/Review/Approve)


  • ESB heartbeat, errors, and reprocessing for Enterprise Integrations (See Enterprise Integrations – ESB)
  • Core system heartbeat and monitoring reports and alerts (ERP, CRM, xRM, Middleware, Databases)

Business Intelligence

  • Customized dashboard reports
  • Multi-Dimensional scenario forecasting and modeling
  • Drill-Down reports


  • Enterprise news and events
  • Internal Forms
  • Compliance