SharePoint is used to provide web based access to documents, images of documents, reports and enterprise news and events. The key benefit is that SharePoint can provide a central location for storing and collaborating on documents reducing emails and duplicated work. SharePoint can provide quick development of reporting portals and dashboards that can use Active Directory roles for granulated access to data. SharePoint can also be used as an interactive workflow to provide automated processes outside of applications such as ERP and CRM.

Key features:

  • Scalable platform designed to develop and support a wide variety of web and workflow solutions with minimal downtime.
  • Create social communities to collaborate, share and save documents and topics.
  • Document collaboration to support co-authoring, versioning, and document control (check in/checkout).
  • Flexible web server to develop mission critical web and workflow applications.
  • Content Management to manage site design and multisite publishing.
  • Scalable infrastructure to efficiently develop and add web applications and services.
  • Reduce corporate risk by managing corporate compliance documents and records.
  • Workflow service to support applications including document reviews and approvals.
  • Fast internal search engine for documents and topics along with external search engine optimization management to maintain optimal search performance.
  • Support for current and future devices.
  • Microsoft Office integration for optimal user interaction and productivity.

Intranet Portals

  • Centralize access to enterprise information and applications within a corporate network
  • Centralize enterprise data, applications and information using reports and graphs

Internet Sites

  • Manage corporate websites
  • Publish public events, news, and notifications

Enterprise Dashboards

  • Track and monitor enterprise activities (e.g., ESB, EDI, database heartbeats)
  • Provide access to Business Intelligence (BI) data and reports
  • Provide access to Business Activity Monitor (BAM) data and reports
  • Enterprise Heartbeat monitoring, alerts and reports for outages and uptimes

Human Resources

  • Manage and organize resumes and candidate information
  • Manage HR on-boarding workflow
  • Provide each candidate with access to their own documents and forms
  • Manage employee access to personal information and forms

Content and Document Management

  • Store, organize and track documents or images of documents
  • Track document revisions and user information
  • Collaboration workflow for creating, editing, reviewing and approving documents